Hala Atcha 86

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8'6" x 34" x 6"

Jib your way down your local river and catch surf on the fly. The Hala Atcha 8’6” is a great SUP for those who want to maintain stability and don’t want to compromise between a downriver SUP and surf performance.

The Atcha 86 features innovative SUP design that is agile and persistent in whitewater, serving up maneuverability to style rapids and SUP rocker to surf steeper holes along the way. 

This smaller version of the Hala Atcha 96 is great for whitewater paddlers who are smaller or want something sporty that is still built with stability in mind. After obsessively prototyping, testing (by pros, ambassadors, our team and enthusiasts), re-prototyping and re-testing (over 50 prototypes since 2012), the 2021 Atcha SUPs are the highest performing and most durable Whitewater River SUP ever made.

The long fin in the StompBox 2 brings speed and precision to this high-rocker stomp and surf SUP. Our patented Stompbox™ 2 fin system allows for running the shallowest (or bouldery-ist) rivers year-round. 

Nobody even knew how fun a traditional surf fin would be on the river because they were too scared of supermanning off of their board when it snagged on a rock or the river bottom. Feel the speed and drive of the StompBox 2 as you paddle up a boiling eddy and catch one last surf before you catch back up to your friends. 

On the Atcha 8’6”, you’ll see that 8’6”x 34” x 6”  board IS enough. 

 *shipped directly from the Hala warehouse, not available in store or for demo