SUP Gladiator Pro Race Fin

SUP Gladiator Race fins are some of the hottest after market fins you will find in the SUP industry. They offer excellent tracking and stability, while also maintaining good maneuverability, and glide. Best of all, they are also weed shedding fins.

Pro Model Fin – Super Fast and Maneuverable (best for flat water, or lots of buoy turns)

This fin is at the other end of the spectrum, from The Elite Fin. It is small, light weight, and very maneuverable. For flat water conditions, downwinders, or races with a lot of buoy turns (such as Battle of the Paddle), this fin is an excellent choice. Its compact size makes it fast and fun. It turns really easily and tracks like a much bigger fin, than what it is. Our Team Riders helped design this fin, and this is their fin of choice for most races. While this fin is a big step up in tracking from a stock fin, it doesn’t track nearly as well as the Elite Fin. If your board tracks really well, and/or you are a seasoned paddler with good stroke technique, this won’t be a problem for you. If you are not, or you are in rougher water, you should consider the Elite or the Hybrid. In addition to better tracking, they also offer better stability.


Category: racing

Vendor: SUP Gladiator

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