KIaloa Keiki II Adjustable Kids Paddle

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For Kids

Groms have specific needs that often go unrecognized.  We have found the most important features in a kid’s paddle include a smaller shaft, a smaller adjustable range, a manageable blade size and a paddle that floats.  The Keiki II addresses all of these.  With an adjustable range of 53-69” this paddle will fit a child who is between 3’6” to 5’ tall assuming the handle is 10” overhead.  The 70 square inch teardrop shaped blade is great because if your child only puts a part of the blade in the water it will still move them towards their destination.  Available in fun fresh blade colors.

Surface Area: 70 sq in
Blade Width: 6½” 
Blade Length: 14 ½” 
Blade Material: Fiberglass Fibrlite® 
Blade Angle: 10 degrees

  • Shaft Material: Textured Fiberglass Slim
  • Shaft Shape: Round
  • Grip: Keiki LeverLock®
  • Total Paddle Weight: 19 oz
  • Adjustability: 53-69"