Badfish Re-Leash

The Badfish Re-Leash is an elastic surf leash that connects the paddler to the board and terminates at a quickdraw. Release and Re-Leash. The Re-Lease was originally designed for river running and river surfing, but is also an excellent lowdrag leash for all types of stand up paddleboarding.


  • Link between leash and quickdraw is a snap shackle release device that is activated with a tug on a small canopy ball
  • Can be attached to a PFD strap, or anything near either of your hands by the carabineer, allowing for quick detachment of the leash when under load
  • No more long reaches to your ankle strap when you need to get away from your board quickly
  • Available in 6’ straight or 11′ coiled

Category: badfish, boardworks, river, surf, travel

Vendor: Badfish

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