404 Rover 11'6

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For many paddlers, the most important feature they are looking for is stability. At 30 inches wide, the Rover provides the feeling of standing on solid ground. Falling in the water is unpleasant. Falling in a frigid lake in December is down right out of the question.  The Rover also includes anchors for bungee systems on the nose to secure your valuables and standard single FCS fin plug to mount your GoPro. Explore your local waterways and encourage your greenhorn friends to try your Rover. Paddle and prosper instead of falling and failing.

  • EPS foam with fiberglass exterior
  • 404 molded SUP Traction
  • FCS 9.0 Touring Fin
  • Soft Handle
  • Anchors for bungee system on nose and rails
  • GoPro compatible plug on nose
  • Single US Finbox