404 M4 14' Carbon

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The M4 is 404’s new All Water Board for 2019. This Board is designed to handle everything from rough open ocean, windy conditions to glassy flat water. This board has a deep recessed deck that allows us to greatly shrink the volume. 

Added volume to the rails and a dropped deck allows for added stability in rough water conditions. 404’s uniquely designed dug out allows you (the rider) to ride a lower volume board than normally required. Now you can ride in all ocean conditions without carrying around the extra unnecessary weight when you don’t need it. 

The M4 has a V-rail throughout the board to help with release and glide. It also has a shallow concave hull down the center of the board. This adds to the stability for the rider and helps the board accelerate onto the smallest waves.

The M4 has a narrow, high volume pintail design. The narrow pintail adds to the boards release and the added volume in the tail helps the board stay level during acceleration and helps carry glide from one stroke to the next. 

The M4 carries a high, vertical front rail, and a small rocker kick just before the nose of the board. This adds vertical height to the front of the board which prevents water from coming over the top of the board and slowing you down.

The high rail profile helps keep the board dry even in the roughest conditions. The exceptional release makes paddling at high speeds in flat water easy and the glide carried between each stroke makes paddling forgiving on the body. 

Travel further and faster with less energy with 404’s new M4 All Water Board.


14’ x 23”/ 269L



404 Handle and Self Regulating Air Vent

404 Molded SUP Traction

404 / Carbon Fin

FCS GoPro compatible plug

Deck drain plugs


+ 1 lb EPS Foam (with carbon fiberstringer)

+ 5.7 oz Carbon Fiber

+ 4 oz Fiberglass