Bark Expedition Pro Elite Regular Price: $2,299

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  • Based off the first touring board ever produced by Joe Bark and the Bark brand
  • Every Pro Elite board is made using Surftech proprietary water-resistant, fused-cell foam core, which is the lightest, most durable core on the market
  • Tight bonds are created between the fused cells to create a water-resistant core that withstands dents and dings
  • Core is then pressure-molded using high-quality carbon and fiberglass with a PVC-reinforced standing area, resulting in a light, strong and rigid board
  • High-gloss wood deck
  • 4-point deck tie-down bungee strap system secures extra equipment or supplies to the board.
  • 6 additional eyelets for additional bungee cord tie-down capability if you need it
  • Ledge handle in the middle of the board offers a secure grip of the board when putting in or taking out of the water
  • 3/4-length EVA deck pad for comfort and nonslip foot hold
  • Single center fin