Hala Nass 12'6 Carbon

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This is the inflatable race and touring standup paddle board for you! Enjoy the speed of a 12’6” race / touring standup paddle board, with none of the worries of storage, expensive dings, and difficult travel. Long lake tours and fitness are in your schedule. The Nass is great for downwinders, races and speeding down the river with your friends.
Cover the miles, you’re Hala Nass!

+ Full – length traction pad
+ Raised stomp pad at the tail for control
+ Reinforced stainless D-rings for rigging
+ A race / touring board with enough stability for the river
+ Removable 4” side bite click fins
+ Removable 9” flex fin in an unbreakable fin box
+ All Hala boards use the toughest drop stitch available
Kayak seat attachment points included

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