404 Floater 9'6

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The 404 Floater has now been modernized to accommodate to every level of paddling ability. The Floater can be used for both touring and surfing. The main goal of the Floater is be a user friendly board that is also equipped with the best accessories around.

Board Construction
+ .75 lb EPS Foam
+ 3mm PVC top and bottom
+ 4oz Fiberglass bottom
+ 2.5oz Fiberglass top/bottom/side

The Floater is equipped with an FCS GoPro compatable plug on the nose, close-celled molded traction, FCS II thruster side fin boxes, and an FCS SUP Handle. For added sleekness, the self-regulating air vent has been placed inside the handle.

  • Built in FCS Handle with Self Regulating Air Vent
  • FCS II Fin System
  • FCS GoPro compatible plug
  • Molded SUP Traction